Oh my goodness. I can’t even believe that I’m going to post these photos! I do some fashion blogging and I usually work on posting photos of my self that are reasonably attractive. I know how to dress to cover things up.

I’ve included a couple of my fashion blogging photos to show how I look when I cover things up and take my photos from a decent angle.

March 2013 684 March 2013 785

I’ve also included my post workout, at the start of this journey, at just two pounds below my highest weight photos. Eek! That’s scary stuff for this private gal.

June 3 2013 001 June 3 2013 002 June 3 2013 003 June 3 2013 004

I’m also including this lovely shot that my 3 year old son took of me, or at least of my butt. Sigh. I deleted it from my computer in horror, but went and rescued it from my recycle bin. It’s a good motivator for me – maybe when I reach my goal, I’ll take another butt shot.

June 2013 074


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